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Having been born and raised in India and started my career as an accountant in India I have a very good understanding of the Indian Taxation system as an individual and for businesses. 

Having moved to Bahrain and then the UK I’ve had experience of declaring income and assets in the country I was residing in and in India, and transferring income and assets back to India. Over the years I have also assisted many professionals such as Engineers, Doctors, IT specialists etc. through the UK and Indian and Middle Eastern Tax systems in particular. 
Examples of situations and transactions I’ve advised and supported: 
buying & selling land & property in UK and India 
UK Income Tax declaration 
buying and selling shares in UK and India, declaring Capital Gains and Dividend Income 
setting up intermediary companies in the UK and India 
dealing with UK and  
Indian taxes 
If you, or someone you know, is living and working in the UK, or is planning to, and wants to transfer some income or property ownership back to India and would like advice and support with tax arrangements please get in touch. 
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